There is a common misconception about Ladoga Trophy: “it is a competition so difficult that only the professional offroad-sportsmen on the most pumped-up vehicles have a chance to complete”. In reality, this is the way things used to be – Ladoga Trophy initially started as a trophy-raid of advanced complexity; however, we believe that the off-road exists not only for the professionals, which is why our competition has evolved into a much bigger-scale off-road festival that caters to trophy-enthusiasts of all levels on any kinds of vehicles.  Main things are: to choose the right category for you and your vehicle and to share our passion for the off-road.



Grand Tourism is a separate competition within the “Ladoga Trophy” offroad festival, which aims to attract trophy lovers from all over the world. The competition is held in a form of a quest with elements of trail orienteering, passing through the beautiful nature’s reserves of Karelia and the Leningrad region rich with cultural and historical sites. All the routes are accessible on a regular 4x4 vehicle.

Today, Grand Tourism boasts the biggest number of competitors among all of the categories at “Ladoga Trophy”. 66 teams from 9 different countries completed “Ladoga Trophy 2018”.

Grand Tourism is divided into four groups: Grand Tourism Pro, Grand Tourism Lite, Grand Tourism Travel, Grand Tourism Moto.

What is the difference between these GT-groups?


Target audience

Main idea




Auto-tourists and sportsmen who wish to compete

Good offroad preparation training for the professional sports categories 

4x4 crossover with modifications like tires and snorkel



Auto-tourists with families

Introduction into the off-road world. For auto-tourists who wish discover beautiful new places and learn more about the region

Any regular 4x4 crossover



Auto-tourists who do not wish to compete

For auto-tourists who wish to have a ready-to-use route, discover new places and become a part of the biggest offroad festival in the world. 

Any city vehicle. Full-wheel drive not necessary



Auto-tourists on motorcycles

GT-Lite on motorcycles

Any endure motorcycle for tourists



Competitors of all the GT-groups receive a separate road-book, which lists not only legends and points, but also provides a detailed description of all the cultural and historical sites on the way of the route. Some competitors have said that after the completion of “Ladoga Trophy” they felt not only rested and reloaded, but also “culturally enriched”.   

The expert knowledge of the “Ladoga Trophy” organizing team attracts more and more competitors each year. The GT-army grows! Join us!