Grand Tourism Travel

Grand Tourism Travel is a well-planned auto-journey that goes through the beautiful historical places of the Ladoga region. Anyone on any kind of a city vehicle can join this quest-adventure, full-wheel drive is not necessary. Neither does this category demand any competition: should you get tired and wish to return to your lodging – no pressure, your choice!

Every morning the participants will receive a detailed route of the day, full of stunning points of interest.

GT-Travel will suit the following categories of people:

  • those, who need to get an understanding about the competition: if this is your first time at Ladoga Trophy and you are a bit scared about what to expect from the race, join GT-Travel and reconnoiter away!
  • those, who come to Ladoga Trophy to support their friends and family in the sports categories: instead of wondering around (though that’s fun too!), and waiting for your loved ones to return to camp, benefit from your free time – travel and discover new places!
  • those, who wish to join the famous Ladoga Trophy festival ambience – many have heard about the warm and friendly atmosphere that unites so many of the off-road enthusiasts (about 2500 to be exact), but they don’t have friends, who would invite them to the base camp – join GT-Travel and become a part of the largest off-road festival in the world!


Since this is a completely new category, we don’t have any photos of the participants, so enjoy the beautiful views of the Ladoga region.