Bon appetit!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

We are going to be with you this year as well. We are very glad to see everybody!

Café “Frontovaya Kuhnya” is open day and night with hot food in the base camp of the marathon and always next to the big organizers' tent.

Breakfast is from 7-00 to 11-00. During this time you’ll guaranteed with porridge (it is usually two different types), omelet, sandwiches, bakery (fresh – we bake at night). If you need, we’ll cook fried eggs to order.

Dinner is from 16-30 to 24-00. There will be several salads to choose, two first courses, three types of main course and several types of side dish.


In the other time, there may be a limited choice of dishes. You can get food by prepaid coupons, and for cash – if technically possible.

Food coupons for competitors and guests:

Before 01/02/2017 - 8500 rub.

From 02/02/2017 to 01/04/2017 - 9500 rub.

From 02/04/2017 - 11000 rub.

For coupons purchase please address to

Hot tea and coffee is always available. For those who can’t live without brewed coffee, we make it in the coffee machine (Arabica beans 4+).

We can answer all the questions concerning shower and steam-room service too.


There will be a hot shower at the base camp. Opening hours – round-the-clock (the breaks schedule will be posted on the information board). The shower is free if you have Camp Access Braslet. Also there will be a steam-room for a fee.


Just like previous years, we always welcome our guests and we will try to help everyone, who will ask about it, so everybody could make it to the finish!


For newcomers,

It is a bad sign to pass the stuck kitchen car.