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Accredited mass media representatives are provided with the following:

- access to the competition Press Centre, internet access;
- press kit containing essential event info (handed out upon accreditation process completion);
- access to opening, awarding and event closing ceremonies;
- press-conferences, presentations, briefings; 
- access to parc ferme;
- identification vest (on request);
- priority access to information about what is happening on the route, including information about significant events; 
- official documents set;
- assistance in interviews arrangements with competitors, officials and organizers.

Accredited mass media representatives may obtain an official photo set from the competition Media Service to publish it (on request).

Accredited television crews may obtain the event video footage filmed by the competition official professional video crew (on request).

All accreditation requests are contemplated individually.

Press officer 

Guna Smykalova

Until the race, WhatsApp only

8 960 268 0336