Ladoga Forest invites you!

We are happy to announce that a new trophy raid – "Ladoga Forest 2017" – will be held in Pitkyaranta region of the Republic of Karelia in September.


Congratulations to the Ladoga-2017 prize-winners!

Our congratulations to the winners, prize-winners and all participants of "Ladoga-2017"!


Ladoga-2017 entertaining statistics

While checking the track records after Ladoga Challenge, we interviewed everyone we could for fresh figures because last year ones are no longer relevant. So, let's get started!


Ladoga-2017. Day 4. Digest

What's new? We'll tell you!


Ladoga-2017. Day 3. Digest

Monday is a hard day. So as Tuesday at the trophy!


Ladoga-2017. Days 1-2. Digest

Read quotes in our digest! There were enough adventures for everyone!


Adventures in Moto standings

How and why it happened almost no one has results for the first day in the Moto standings.


Start is given!

"Ladoga-2017" has started! The bright sun above St. Isaac's Square made everyone believe the summer has begun.


Turbograndpa starts again!

Anatoly Victorov, a 79-year-old driver, a legend of Soviet and Russian motorsport...


Registration started!

The first day of registration and technical inspection is over. The light summer snowfall has given it a peculiar charm - the North Palmyra meets the "Ladoga" guests.