Dear trophy enthusiasts,

    A friendly reminder about the mandatory accidents insurance for all competitors. 
    An excerpt from Ladoga Trophy regulations:
    "8.6. Each Competitor must have an accident insurance policy with the insured amount of not less than 300 000 RUR. The individual insurance policy valid for the duration of the competition is mandatory and is checked during the Registration."

    For those of you, who'd like to receive your insurance policy at the registration, please email the following information to (Igor Bocharov):

    1. Your passport photo or scan containing your name; a birth certificate for children

    2. Your phone number and address of residence

    3. Your starting number

    Insurance policy price is 500 rubles (insured amount is 300 000 rubles).

    Requests must be submitted before June 4, 2019.

    You may also receive your insurance at registration (June 6-7), but this will take up much more of your time. Please send your requests in due time, before June 4.