Ladoga Trophy 2019” regulations published! Entry list opens on October 1

    Ladoga Trophy 2019” regulations published! Entry list opens on October 1

    “Ladoga Trophy 2019” will take place on June 8 through June 16, 2019. Entry list is open from October 1st, 2018. The competition will head counterclockwise around the Ladoga lake.   

    “Ladoga Trophy 2019” regulations are available here:

    Please read the regulations with your utmost attention. The main changes are highlighted below:   

    1)      About the first camp relocation. The time has come to relocate our first base camp. It seems that we set up camp in “Alyokhovshina” about 20 times in a row, which is why we decided to switch locations and move to “Vepssky Les”. There you will enjoy more ruts, more clay soils, more moors.  

    2)      About the Ladoga Challenge. Ladoga Challenge will be moved to the last days of the marathon. As you may know, the Challenge determines the course of the competition in many ways – only 30% of the participants pass this test; however, we would like to see the heat and the fight for the prizes to endure till the very end.    

    3)      More about the Ladoga Challenge. Now the result for each special stage of the Challenge will be counted separately.  

    4)      About the time penalties. Having analyzed the statistics, we saw that too many participants are cut off by the “time result of the leader” and do not have a chance to receive their own time result; hence, we’ve cancelled the “non-fixed” time penalty: it is now fixed to the last result and not to the result of the leader. This way, the participants will know the amount of time they have for passing a special stage before the start.   

    5)      About tech commission. The rules of the technical commission have slightly changed, so please read the regulations. For instance, all vehicles will be weighed at “Ladoga Trophy 2019”. 

    6)      About Grand Tourism Travel. NEW CATEGORY! We have talked a lot with our potential and existing participants, and saw a demand for a non-compete category. Grand Tourism Travel – is category for auto-tourists, who do not want to compete, but need guidance to organize their auto-journey. Moreover, it’s a good chance to become a part of the biggest off-road festival in the world and experience the famous «Ladoga Trophy» ambience. You can participate in the Grand Tourism Travel category on your regular city vehicle – the routes will be designed with consideration to the characteristics of the such vehicles.    

    7)      About entry fees. We have lowered the entry fees – don’t miss the first discount tranche! 

    8)      About helmets. Now all the members of the all the teams in all of the categories must wear helmets – we care about your safety!

    9)      About all-terrain vehicles. The participants of the ATV-special category may now participate in pairs. Please read the regulations. 

    10)   About fines. Point deviation has become stricter. Now the participants have to fit into the tight radius around the point, and a 35-meter detour around the edge of the radius we be fined. 

    These are the main highlights, but we urge you to thoroughly read the regulations.   

    Should you have any more questions, please contact Karina Ovchinnikova at, or on our Facebook ( We will be happy to answer any of your questions!

    Sincerely yours,

    Ladoga Trophy Team